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About Eco Sadaq

About Eco Sadaq

Eco Sadaq is a donation based crowd funding platform collecting and channeling Zakat, Sadaq, CSR and Waqf funds directly to the needy in Uganda. Eco Sadaq provides a platform for Credible and verified charities to upload their campaigns for funding. We are the first and leading shariah compliant donation-based crowd funding in Uganda.

What Zakat is:

Obligatory charity paid by an individual to the needy. It is obligatory for an individual who possesses wealth equal to or above a minimum amount called nisab for an entire lunar year. For the purpose of calculating zakat, different categories of wealth are defined. It is a prescribed welfare-contribution from one’s stored wealth

What Sadaq is:

Sadaqa is simply any voluntary charitable act towards other people. It can be in form of community service, monetary donation, love and compassion among others acts. Anyone can give sadaqa. Unlike Zakat, Sadaqa does not have time limits and thresholds. Sadaq entails feeding the needy, clothing them, housing them among other activities.

Who we are:

We are an Islamic social finance enabler run by Daim International Consult, an Islamic social finance consulting company focusing on sustainable development through Islamic social finance tools (Zakat, Sadaq, Waqf and Islamic microfinance)

What we do:

We provide you with a simple and easy way for reach out to the poor and needy with your zakat, Sadaq and Corporate Social Responsibility directly or through our verified and trustworthy partner charities and institutions.

Why are we doing this:

We believe that if charity is organized, directed to the right recipients and needs and used sustainably, poverty and deprivation in our communities would be contained. Therefore, using technology, Eco Sadaq brings the recipient close to the donor.

How can you help?

Donate to people in extreme need